Urban Dwellers

This film is part of my research project entitled Searching for a place in the world: concepts of home in 21st London for my MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

It looks at the concepts of home in London 21st century. By portraying four different homes and by questioning people about their concept of home – the film aims to depict something of the diversity of the metropolis and the politics of everyday life. The contrasts and intersections of the film reveal modes of life that may or may not meet in the Metropolis. But which co-exist together revealing the complexities of the urban space.

See essay at http://www.larissa-alves.com/searchingforaplace

If you would like to watch Urban Dwellers please do get in touch with me.

When worlds collide: Young voices.

A short-video made by Larissa Alves & Zoë Ansah for TEDxBrixton 2014.


This self-reflexive short looks at the emotions of longing and missing in the life of four Brazilians in London. It speaks of absence, self-knowledge and migration. Saudade is a very strong word in Portuguese, and means longing for the homeland, longing for things and people that are far away from us.